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NASTAD Southern CBO Summit

The APAC 1904 team recently traveled to San Antonio, TX for the NASTAD Southern CBO Summit. This summit, dedicated to the crucial intersection of HIV prevention and the transgender experience, was an enlightening and empowering journey that left a lasting impact on the participants.

The summit served as a powerful platform for collaboration, bringing together passionate individuals, community leaders, and organizations committed to driving change in the realms of HIV prevention and transgender advocacy. The diversity of voices and the wealth of knowledge exchanged during the sessions created a rich tapestry of insights, fostering a sense of unity and shared purpose.

One of the highlights was the emphasis on community-led approaches to HIV prevention. Engaging discussions and workshops explored innovative strategies, from grassroots initiatives to leveraging technology, all aimed at creating inclusive and effective prevention programs. The summit's commitment to acknowledging and addressing the unique challenges faced by the transgender community was particularly commendable, fostering a space where experiences and expertise converged.

Attending sessions led by seasoned professionals in the field provided valuable insights into the latest research, best practices, and successful community interventions. The collaborative spirit of the summit underscored the importance of amplifying the voices of those directly affected by HIV and transgender-related issues, highlighting the power of community-driven solutions.

Networking opportunities allowed for meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and organizations, sparking discussions on potential collaborations and future initiatives.

Our very own Edna S. Lampkin, PharmD, Director of the Center for Community-Based Programs participated in the breakfast roundtable with the CBA Partners. She familiarized the audience with the My Brother's Keeper, Inc. organization and spoke on the different opportunities available to CBOs for continued technical assistance and capacity building.
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